40 billion dollars a year, why Japan’s folklore industry is the world’s first


I. The Japanese “ folklore industry” that grew up from sailing

Ancient Japan was not a morally decadent and open society. According to the Book of Wei, the Japanese “women were not lustful or jealous. The people of the country did not steal and there were few disputes.”

Travel girls

II. The government banned it repeatedly, and the “folklore industry” became a feature of Japan after World War II.

During the Meiji period, Japan was under pressure from the Qing Empire and the Russian Empire. The Emperor wanted to enrich the country and strengthen the army, but the Japanese government lacked revenue, so it sent a large number of prostitutes overseas.

Japanese Maiden Army
Japanese girls and American soldiers

III. The truth about Japan’s “ folklore industry” is discrimination against women and poverty

At the end of the 20th century, the Japanese economy went into explosive growth and the pornography industry grew rapidly, with prostitutes making money every day, allowing more people to enter the industry. Japanese pornographic escorts also expanded to other Asian countries and even Europe and America, becoming a specialty industry that influenced the development of the entertainment industry in these regions.

Folklore Street



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